I've decided

Monday, November 16, 2009 | |

From now on, i will move on.
Ore wa ba~kaa janai!
ak nk ilang kjap
elok gak idea nih.. kau mmg bagus org ats
thankio sakaki makio
aku nk carik la crows zero II
Fly... GENJI!!
smlm kene marah dgn cahira
tp aku x takut pon
cume nnti kurg kwn pempuan aku..
dh la susah nk carik satu
it's easier for them to disappear
than for me to gain it
or, was it oretachi wa always like this?
kene slalu ckp jepun ni
I will not loose to her!
i will LIVE!!
i will fight the greatest enemy of sumo..
i will ignore the future that i don't know
i will live in the current time as a passing by person
and will be a myth in your written
a legend that will create himself
among the legend itself
and i will live like a stone
and win in the fight of the frozen throne
and for all the sin i've atoned
let me vanquished them with my greatest wea-poned
neither would i make note of this
nor memorize it
with this immense brain
i will recalculate
The things which i've regret
in my life along the celestial pole
what have i done to this world.........

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