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Wednesday, December 16, 2009 | |

They called themselves wise,
if once they fall,
and then it happens to be they are getting pass through the same road again,
they will avoid the trap,
and come out gloriously

but it's different for me,
i keep on falling for the same trap,
although i already knew it was there,
but i just couldn't avoid it,
or should i say i don't wanna avoid it,
cause it's offering me so much fun i couldn't resist,
i'm enjoying my youth!
but after several times of thinking,
when will i be free from these lifestyle?
the consequences,
it's just a too great burden for me to bear,
in the future,
so it's now isn't it?
While my brain still wise,
while my body still strong,
while i'm thinking that i can do it,

Taken from tepan2 ape ntah

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