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Monday, December 21, 2009 | |

And I would wait and watch the hours fall in a hundred separate lines
Apesal eh aku tgk sorg budak tu aku jeles.. sbb die ade lg die punye..
tp aku tau x lame lg abeh laa mende tuh.. nnti baru die trase kehilangan
there's a haze above my tv
and maybe i'll continue watching
the youngster's life
tp papehal nnti aku dh x de mase..
x cukup mase
aku kene kumpul stat dr skang
nk gtau dlm phone nnti x gentleman
susah idop inih rupenye
mende ney dh 2 kali aku post pasat susah idop ney
aku bukan wise man
kang jgn cakap pape pulak
entry kali ini xde kene mengena dgn awak
ney ade laah sorg budak tu..
take a look around instead and watch me go

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