Are you gonna shout it from the rooftop honey?

Thursday, May 6, 2010 | |

Yeaaahh!!! Alright!! Wow this is like the Air Hostess from Busted!

Why suddenly with Busted when the title is about Rooster?
It's because i've just read in a blog about how Rooster being linked to them.. i don't know which part of it was the same though. But just let them be
Ok so off we go. I've just discovered about something really cool(I guess). And guess what, Busted is coming back, but not with Charlie i guess(I've been guessing for 3 times already!). Instead they're trying to find a new 'Charlie' with a TV show. That's kinda an awful thing to be heard. I mean, why don't they just do it with their old style to look for this Charlie? - Make an ad in NME about the audition. Because as far as i'm concern, people don't really like reality tv show that much anymore.
But yeah, anything is good as long as they're back. I bet they're not gonna find some sluggish eyebrows who were more content with rock but never show it until the end who will just leave them for good and never care about millions of fans they're having anymore this time. That's a damn long linked word. Dang! And I would like to say that I'd prefer Charlie, but if they're gonna replace him, he must be as good as Charlie, or at least let his voice be like him. That way it wouldn't sound awkward when their new song is on the radio. Anyway, let us all cheer for this. And i'm waiting for the perfect time to call you back. Wtf? It's actually gonna be i'm waiting for this!

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