Heal and kill

Monday, May 17, 2010 | |

If you're given the power to heal people with just a touch
What would you do?

But what If you're given the power to kill people with just a touch
What would you do?

The power to administrator death, and the power to administrator health is so much bigger than we, human can understand. To use it(ONLY IF you have it!), one must be heartless. Why? Because there are so much thing that you won't be able to understand if you only think about it one sided.

For example, if one has the power to heal, and only heal his loved ones. What would people say? What would others say? They will of course, say something bad about you. If it's not to the healer, maybe it will be towards the healed. Both will end up being hated.

And if the power to kill is used, and again only to the people whom he hates, what would people say? They will say that you're being unfair. And eventually hate you.

Therefore that's why i said, to use it one must be heartless. So that he can decide calmly whether that particular person has to be killed/healed and whether it's worth it to do so. And being in this world for 20 years, I had never came across with such person, a heartless one who will put aside his feelings but at the same time is thinking about everything. And that's why i'd say, that this power is never to be suitable to put in humans care.

And that's why i think, angels were created.

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syahmi said...

heal-i'll always touch people i love

kill-i'll always touch people i hate

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