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bosan ah dunia ini
everything is so predictable
for example

when i see a guy approaching a girl
you would notice, it's not just to ask about what time is it or something like that
it would be best to say he is getting a shot
'to further relationship'

when i went to the mosque to pray
they would always be old people at the front
why can't there be young fresh GOOD guys at the front?
most likely the answer will be
'budak-budak duk blkg"

when i talk to somebody
i can tell whether it's real or not
when i talk to them and they try to run away from my stare
'for sure it's not'

jadi laah susah diramal sikit
baru laah bes ini macam macha

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syahmi said...

pem ang bulih ramal aku x?

Ah Pem said...

ang tau bile aku boleh ramal

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