Simple past

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hello hello we meet again
kali ini dalam kelas chegu akan mengajar simple past
minta jgn tidur ye tidur jugak chegu penyepak

1. Completed actions

We normally use the Simple Past Tense to talk about events, actions or situations which occurred in the past and are now finished.
They may have happened recently:
  • Sam phoned a moment ago.
or in the distant past:
  • The Goths invaded Rome in A.D. 410.
A time reference must be given:
  • I had a word with Julian this morning.
or must be understood from the context:
  • I saw Fred in town. (i.e. when I was there this morning)
  • I never met my grandfather. (i.e. he is dead)
When we use the simple past, we are usually concerned with when an action occurred, not with its duration (how long it lasted).

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