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In this boring life
I would like to say something
and i hope whoever read this
will continue to think about it
for as long as you live

"Have you ever feel satisfied with your life?"

bukan aku yg tulis awalnye
ade org laen
dlm blog laen
aku copy je
tp sungguh tepat ini
ayat ini

when i'm doin' something that ain't my doing usually
and then i felt that it's not worth it
this question pop right through my mind

mcm aritu
ttbe aku g penang
tanpe sedia hape2
mmg laah kehidupan bujang ini
slalu mcm ini
tp aku x penah buat
dan aku x penah pon rancang nk buat
ttbe aku buat

and i found it to be wasting my time
and money
and all the trust put into me
turns to nothing
but tiredness and ashes


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syahmi said...

pem same la dgn aku.xpuas ati jugak.


Ah Pem said...

abeh loki ang buat ape utk menyelesaikannye?

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