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We once had a teacher
The teacher of teacher
He changed the world for the better
And make us the better creature
Surely we've wronged ourselves
What will we say in front of him?

I thought before that I'll be able to answer anything, and i mean ANYTHING.
But in the end, there's a question I still cannot answer

What can I do for my religion?
When it is in trouble like now,
No one will ever listen, no one will ever folllow
with the image i have right now
they will surely think this as an act by me again
oh look at how people played with our religion

"your statement that Islam is harmony and peace is based on what?? Based on the shitty state of 57 Muslim countries that you Muslims have build? such state that Muslims do not immigrate to other Muslim countries but run to Non-Muslim ones --is that what is based on??  Or is it based that you Muslims produce nothing, create nothing, lazy , backwater of human creativity and freedom? Where the fuck is there the proof for your statement? what the hell you Muslims and Islam has to offer to the world except fanatics ?"

We can't blame them, because this is the image we've shown, and apparently currently showing
they were just spitting out the truth


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