You have no idea how i wanna go back to these days!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010 | |

Just when i think of this beautiful post,
i thought of searching it in the facebook
and who knows? i found the exact matching of what i was going to write in this entry

No matter how much we criticize our school, in the end we will miss it.
Dang! Is this just a coincidence?
If it is, it sure is a very lucky one!
You see, when i was about 13 or something, i thought the place is a nightmare
and i bet everyone will thought the same too
and bla bla bla time passing by and i got too used to it and i became sort of loving it
but i don't have any idea it will be this depressed to leave that kind of life
the carefree life and the joy inside it
 watching the stars while lying in the road waiting for something to happen

become addicted with a legend pop band BUSTED
heard they were splitting and that's the saddest moment
and then took my exams
fail and success were wrote on my report book over and over
and in a blink of an eye
the life was gone, but it was for good
and i'm really glad i could make it through that life
because that's what's making me
of who i am right now
And how i wish, i could build a time machine just like in the Year 3000
put on a calendar sheet, and just make my way back!

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syahmi said...

aku nak kembali ke zaman sekolah pem dimana kita belajar html.haha

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