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Friday, June 25, 2010 | |

Ow how's that suppose to be wrong? It's because she says i'm a sweet guy. That is a so wrong move because right now i'm going to chase her and i'll be like hell if i don't get to her
nah just kidding
i don't have that much of a money to be spend because i'm still under my parents' wings you know, 20 years old teenager bla bla bla
i'm not working yet, and my life is full of, how to say this, emm obstacles? nope that's not the word
so i can't really just go when i want to, it's like as if there's a Busted reunion concerto in Japan, oh the two things i wanted most in my life, but i couldn't go for it
yeah it's that bad. I found out yesterday it was so hard living these days. You have to study, well if you have friends it'd be much easier but for me it didn't. It's just that i found out later that the problem is actually me. That's right whatahell am i'm talking about? yup this is me i like to talk about things randomly
Plus whenever i want something, i'll always just chase it like halfway through and that is probably the thing that keep me being single well you know what? Thanks to this because i don't need to suffer the negative consequences afterwards like what i always saw happened with my friends who's did it.
But it's not like i don't want to be in a relationship, it's just that i'm waiting for a girl to come after me. And hell yeah that is so not gentleman but what can i do? I'm a barbarian!
Oh it's such a dizzy morning with a lot of stuff to be written but you know what? this is me and i like to do things halfway so this is it. This is the full stop because the way i see this it is already more than halfway lol. What a lazy, heavy ass i'm having! I wish i could live my life just like this singer, Julian casablanca. He lives it way to easy. Just supporting himself with his voice though and whenever someone should gives a winning speech they would usually thank everyone that has been supporting them but this guy, he just said "and bla bla bla you know yourself". Isn't that cool?

And this is the longest labels for an entry i would like to give because i would like someone to find it
yeah that's the big great accomplishment for today. As if i could die afterwards. Nah what a small hope for this big talk guy to have. I won't die too soon. There's a lot of things i must done first. Eh did i ever mention about my dream? It's like (at this time my other self just shout "ow just shut the f up!" in my ear)
full stop.

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